Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This section is full of the questions Team Swag receives about Swagged Out Stock, kernels, themes, requests and the EVO 4G in general.

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  1. Dear Sam,

    I just SWAGGED OUT my new HTC EVO 4G with the latest ROM to allow me to reduce RAM/ROM memory consumption. I am new to Android, and have spent the previous 2-3 years working in a webOS environment on a Pre and TP. After the installation, I noticed that the ADD (+ Symbol) on the lower right of each screen no longer functions. I am forced to press the screen to perform an add (widget, app, or shortcut). Is this by design or id their something that was not properly installed? Thanks in advance for your feedback on addressing this issue.

    Best Regards,


  2. I flashed my EVO 4G a few weeks ago, and can't find a fix. My web browser keeps loading everything in mobile view, even though I've deselected that option in the browser settings.

  3. @WillQ With the current version of SOS (SWAG FLU), you must use an app called LaunchKey to map that button to any app you want. In future versions (starting with H1N1), you will be able to use SOS Tweaks.

    @Nemesis500548 That option really doesn't do anything. In your browser address bar, type:


    Then hit MENU > More > Settings (you'll notice more options) > UAString > select "Desktop"


  4. Here's an odd one. When I first installed SOS, my Gmail alert icon in the status bar was full color (White with Red, like the logo). Now it's showing up in bland flat grey. I must have done something to make that happen, but I don't know what I did, and I don't know how to switch it back!

    It's not a huge thing, but it's one of the little things that really made the custom status bar stand out for me.

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated! LOVE my SOS!

    1. I know, I love that little feature too lol Was there a Gmail update recently? If not, try grabbing the Gmail.apk out of the SOS .zip file and finding it's spot in /system/app with ES File Explorer.

      If that doesn't work, you could always just re-flash the ROM over your current setup (this will undo any themes though).

  5. 2 things 1 question and 1 issue I found...

    1. Can I use the hotspot on this ROM without the sprint charges/service?

    2. *2 causes the dialer to force close to call Sprint for customer service etc.

  6. hi I rooted and installed SOS on my phone no problem then I rooted my wifes phone but when I try to install SOS it says cannot open file and says(bad) I tried downloading the Rom from a different source but got the same thing. and to be sure it is the full Rom not one of the updates

  7. Hey I've been rooted and flash rooms and kernels constantly but SOS is my favorite right now I'm running SOS v1.9.0.9 swag on | 4.54 with aggressive freedom kernel - v0.9+ and every time I send a text message I get the unsent/ error exclamation mark ( red) and every once in a while the triangle with exclamation mark the messages still send but it is a little annoying any help is greatly appreciated