Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Essential App Pack

Q: How do these new Essential Apps Packs (EAPs) work?

A: It's super easy! Team Swag removed (almost) all of the included apps from SOS to reduce ROM size. The EAPs makes your life easier.

For the Full Essential Apps Pack, download the flashable .zip: here. After installation, go to the app drawer > open ES File Explorer > navigate to /SOS/Ess_Apps > you will see a list of .apks, go through and install each app you want one-by-one.

Alternatively, for the Basic EAP (found here). There are some apps placed in the SOS/Ess_Apps folder (non-Market apps). For the Market apps, go to the app drawer > open App List Backup > hit Restore > now, select each app you want selectively.

Congratulations, you have a ROM that only includes the apps you want. Enjoy!

When you are done adding apps, simple delete the SOS folder in the root of your SD card.

A video tutorial can be found at this post and is probably a good watch.

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