Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This section is full of the questions Team Swag receives about Swagged Out Stock, kernels, themes, requests and the EVO 4G in general.

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Q: Why is my EVO bootlooping? It's almost like I'm not doing anything, then I look down and my EVO is on the boot screen (Android with the mustache).

A: There are many things that can be causing bootloops at the end of the day. I will tackle several of them, but everyone must realize that some ROMs are going to play nice with their EVO and others are not. If you have more than one bootloop a week, though, you are probably causing it. Not trying to be a jerk, just sayin'... On to the solutions:
  1. Check your kernel. You must be using Freedom Universal, Chopsuey, Golden Monkey, Poonsense, or the stock HTC kernel. If you are using Freedom for Synergy or God Mode, there's your problem. If you are using a Froyo kernel (like netarchy), then that will also cause problems. Stick to the recommended kernels for this ROM. 
  2. Check your undervolting. The kernel that comes with Swagged Out Stock runs at the stock voltages. By undervolting your EVO, you can save a lot of battery. However, you this can also cause your EVO to become very unstable - causing bootloops. lithid-cm's Freedom kernel has a lot of options for undervolted kernels. Use the more extreme options with caution!
  3. Check your clock speed. If you are overclocking your EVO, this will most likely cause an occasional bootloop. My last EVO bootlooped when I ran it at 998MHz max and Performance governor. Be careful! I have my EVO set at 768MHz and never notice lag - just so you all know. 
  4. Are you using a task killer? This is rare, but probably the only other option that could cause a bootloop.
  5. Did it happen when you were using the camera or during a phone call? This has actually been reported when using a completely stock 4.54 ROM (unrooted and all). So, blame HTC for this one, not Team Swag. 
If your EVO is bootlooping in a very random or frequent manner: do a full wipe and re-flash the latest version of SOS. Be sure to only restore necessary app backups.

If you still notice bootloops... contact Team Swag. We'll see what we can do. XDA is always the best option, you will get the help of the rest of Swag Nation at the same time.

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A Proper Full Wipe

Q: Okay, I'm going to do a "full wipe." How do I do that?

A: Easiest way, that should be tried first and foremost: Go to recovery (preferably Amon RA Recovery or TeamWin's Recovery Project) and select Wipe all user data/factory reset. Do this step 3 times. At this point you can flash the ROM.

Now, this is all you should have to wipe because the Cache and Dalvik Cache are included in the Data partition (which is wiped under this selection). Other partitions are wiped during ROM installation. However, it is never a bad idea to go in and manually wipe these other partitions manually.

To perform a super ultra wipe, perform the following steps with Amon RA Recovery:

4. Click wipe CACHE
5. Click wipe DALVIK CACHE
6.Click wipe DATA
8. Click wipe BOOT
9. Click wipe SYSTEM
10. Click wipe BATTERY STATS

Perform each step 3 times. 

Now, install the ROM and enjoy an error-free SOS ROM. 

Thanks to Team Swag member pfcland for the latter tutorial

WiFi and 4G not working after flashing SOS

Q: Why is my WiFi/4G not working after flashing SOS?

A: You are having a kernel related issue, Swag = ON users should re-flash the Freedom kernel. swagstr recommends the stock Freedom kernel. Swag = OFF users, here is the stock kernel to re-flash.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Essential App Pack

Q: How do these new Essential Apps Packs (EAPs) work?

A: It's super easy! Team Swag removed (almost) all of the included apps from SOS to reduce ROM size. The EAPs makes your life easier.

For the Full Essential Apps Pack, download the flashable .zip: here. After installation, go to the app drawer > open ES File Explorer > navigate to /SOS/Ess_Apps > you will see a list of .apks, go through and install each app you want one-by-one.

Alternatively, for the Basic EAP (found here). There are some apps placed in the SOS/Ess_Apps folder (non-Market apps). For the Market apps, go to the app drawer > open App List Backup > hit Restore > now, select each app you want selectively.

Congratulations, you have a ROM that only includes the apps you want. Enjoy!

When you are done adding apps, simple delete the SOS folder in the root of your SD card.

A video tutorial can be found at this post and is probably a good watch.

Sprint Visual Voicemail

Q: I don't think my Sprint Visual Voicemail is working properly, how do I fix it?

A: This actually occurs on quite a few stock-based ROMs. There is a nice tutorial I wrote over at G&E that will help you solve your problem.

[If you are viewing this on the SOS App, you are going to have to click the "See original story" button at the bottom of the post to follow the link]

Random App Force Closes

Q: Why is [an app] FC'g (Force Closing) all the time?

A: There is a fix. It is quite common that some apps (Market, Superuser, Camera) may need it and this fix is actually required for the ICS Google Music. Before I get to the fix, if Gmail or Facebook or something else that shouldn't be FC'g is FC'g - you need to wipe and re-flash.

The fix: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > then either use the Downloaded tab for apps you would get from the Market (like Google Music) or All for system apps (like Superuser and Market) > find the misbehaving app and select it > select Force stop (if this is an option you can select) > (magic step) then hit Clear data (don't worry these apps either don't carry much data, or sync with the cloud, you won't be losing anything important) > you should be good, but a reboot wouldn't hurt > Enjoy!

Sprint Hotspot Unlocked

Q: Is the Sprint Hotspot included with this ROM unlocked? If I use it, will I be charged $29.99 a month?

A: The Sprint Hotspot is indeed unlock. When using this application, you will face no charges from Sprint for wireless hotspot use. It should be noted, wired tether is included in the PC Connection menu and is included in SOS as well.

Remember, though, that 4G does not work with the unlocked Sprint Hotspot. An app like Wireless Tether for Root Users (included in the Essential App Pack) will let you use broadcast your 4G to other devices.